What we do

Grub Works is a direct to user Data Analytics service, which gives context for social interactions on the web through online presence profiling. Individuals and businesses no longer have to waste precious hours sifting through posts and profiles, clawing for little scraps of character defining information, Grub Works is here to take on that responsibility for you.

What's it for

Grub Works exists for the sole purpose of quantifying and interpreting one's impressions of others, or rather replacing the relaince on the self and trusting instead carefully constructed algorithms. Our service produces analyses with levels of accuracy beyond that of what an individual can produce, which is impart due to the sheer volume of information we have collected.

How it's done

Ours services' functionality lies in our ability to accurately and efficiently profile individuals. This is achieved by leveraging recent improvements in massively paralled computing. Each individual is tied to multiple metrics, which is in turn used in conjunction with their posting history. These data points are what we use to pass judgement as to whether they fall into certain groups or have specific character traits.

Top 5 - Highest Verbal Cognitive Ability

Username Distribution Variance
jbarro 97.44 44.85
ambrosiax 37.50 37.50
asunews 83.07 33.68
bbcnews 92.49 33.23
dailycaller 90.73 31.43

Top 5 - Most Vulgar

Username Vulgar Words per MB
dan102498 300.76
xojilliaan 221.22
camerondubey 203.09
kylegeorge2323 178.21
blodvest808 168.65

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