Grub Works was developed as an automated system for profiling users based off of their posting history. You can expect all of the simple things that anyone would be able to infer based on a quick search through a user's profile, but we don't just stop there. Grub Works is a more in-depth and thorough service than a simple web scraper, as we utilize tools specially designed to determine pertinent information about an individual, such as political affiliation, personal interests, personality types, location, relationship status, and even the individuals probability of exposure to high risk factor events.
We have a page dedicated to both the definitions, and relevance for each and every term we use. Please keep in mind that while we will define our terms the definitions themselves may not tell you exactly what goes into creating the metric or term. What it will tell you is what it is a measure of how it should be used and any other absolutely pertinent information.

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The privacy of the users of our service is protected, we refuse to let anyone have your information. If you are concerned about the privacy issues facing the users we do our analisis on we would express that none of the information we are divulging is something that any person given enough time and training would not be figure out for themselves. Much of what we do is simply some combination of, counting fast, dividing fast, multiplying fast, maybe even some subtraction really fast.
You may purchase multiple 10 user credits or some combinations of our offerings. If you would like to buy a larger quantity at once please contact us directly at the location listed below.

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Custom Services

Absolutely, there are a few ways to go about this. Firstly, upon request we can extend our available websites to cover, this is only open to sites we deem as having a userbase worth pursuing. Seondly, you may commission us to make custom apps for the site of choice. Lastly, you may simply tack on to our existing api and pick a unique identifier for the site, if done properly all our analisis tools will work without any modification.
Yes, it is best when doing large numbers of accounts to get into contact with us directly for special pricing and directions for implementation.

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We would like you to be able to use our system any way you see fit, and so we've made acess to our API available for use by our users.

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Sure, within our websites there already exists the tools for doing this, if you are having trouble contact support. Now, if you are interested in a group we do not currently have a tool for and our tool for general tagging is not giving you the desired results then please contact use through an alternative address, as it will require the creation of a specific tool that we are more than happy to build.